Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stitching and Mail.

Over the weekend I hid in my cave (sewing room) and managed to get the five blocks together ready to take to my retreat next week.


001 (2)

I also made these guys for Kids in Ethiopia .


After I finished the room looked like this!!



The postie has been very busy and I am thrilled with the mail I received last week .

My blogging friend Rena from Germany sent me a parcel with

Not one!!! 004

005 Not Two !!!


But Three lovely tins and look what is inside the tiny tin. Well they are now inside my tummy. She also sent some fabric and wee little chicks.

Cat from NZ sent the cutest Christmas Wall Hanging.

Mini Wall Hanging from Cat.

Lovely fabric cards I won in a giveaway from Jamie in the USA.

015 Thank you Ladies for all my goodies.


I was delighted to receive my two mail orders.

A Travelling Hexie Kit and my lovely new magazines.

001 (3)

Oh it is after 1 am so must post this and go to bed.


  1. Beautiful blocks...sweet bears will surely be loved. Now I'm wondering where to find the Vignette magazine. I'll have to google...

  2. I'm in love with your tins - I collect vintage tins :)
    The hexie travelling kit is such a great idea.
    Your blocks are simply gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful week for excitement through the mail. Good for you - so much fun opening the lovely packages.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. The blocks are beautiful and the teddies are adorable! You certainly received a wonderful assortment of goodies - good for you!!!

  5. You have been keeping the postman busy!!!! What wonderful goodies have arrived at your door. Have fun at your retreat working on those beautiful blocks.

  6. A messy sewing room looks like you've been having lots of fun! The tins are gorgeous, you've got a nice lot of goodies!
    Did you make the stained glass window in your header? It is beautiful!

  7. What fun getting all those yummy parcels..... hope you slept well!

  8. Isnt mail like that just lovely?

  9. Lucky you to be getting so many goodies.

  10. oooh I love those blocks! & what lovely mail. as for the sewing room... you can clean later. creating is much more fun!

  11. Love the Hexi tin Mum!!!
    I will need to find a project for the retreat and for traveling.

    Will have a look at the craft show next week.

    Have you had MODA fabric before????

    Love DD2

  12. wow! so busy! love the little guys being sent off to share the love

  13. The blocks and the bears are very cute. You sure did get a lot of mail. The wall hanging is lovely.

  14. Maria , you got so many goodies , love them all .
    I`m very happy , you like the tin cans and I could make you a joy !!!


    p.s. : your new header is just beautiful !

  15. Goodies in the mail! so much fun!! and hey, you needed those cookies to keep your energy up while sewing those gorgeous projects!

  16. Maria , I think I must have the WRONG mailman. LOL

    I love it all - your blocks are so beautiful and the little bears are so precious.

    Your gifts are so appreciated I bet. It is definitely a wonderful change to receive something wonderful INSTEAD of bills all the time. :)

  17. Lots of lovely goodies and mail. I must say that leadlight in your header is so stunning. Do you ever sleep Maria?
    Happy days.

  18. Hooray! I'm glad that you liked the cards! :)