Thursday, April 28, 2011

In’s, Out’s and a Clean Up

After the Easter/Anzac break I went into town to post my MAY Swap blocks. A parcel for Cheryll and Jan.
Chevron Block for Leona May 2011

Christmas Blocks
Bonus Block for Leona May 2011
Aussie SwapCheryll's May Block 20114th Block for Gai
Gai’s Block.

It was sew good to have sew many days to stitch.
I was delighted to also pick some lovely mail for me .

My beautiful block from Gai with a great FQ as well.


The giveaway I won from Janet, A Novel and look at the other wonderful treats Janet popped in. Two magazines and a beautiful purse. Just love the fabric you used .
and the cutest Easter Card from my special Kiwi friends from across the ditch.  


Thanks heaps to all of you.

Today was much cooler so after a walk along the beach I came home and FINALLY cleaned out my SHED.


There have been little furry things living in the there and left their droppings all over my bench and light box. YUK!!!    
I took everything out and then swept and scrubbed.

Even bleached my fish . 

002    Ah!!!  Nice and clean.

Now I can finally finish my window and not before time. If you click on the word window you will see what I mean.

I hope to sit in the sewing room tonight and TRY to finish a quilt before the end of the month.
Happy Stitching.


  1. Your stained glass window looks fantastic, all the best in getting it finished- I don't like little furry things either and with the colder weather it's time to make sure they stay outside. You were lucky in that give away, nice blocks too

  2. Lovely blocks... do you have patterns or make them up.... ? How lovely to have your own shed... now the little furries are gone.... and what a lovely stained glass window.... I love, love, love it....

  3. What fabulous tables you have in your room! The window is impressive too, hope you managed to get it finished.

  4. Your window is amazing! You do beautiful work!!
    Love the blocks you made, too!

  5. It's always great to see all the different swap blocks.Love the window that you are making - hope you got it done and also made good progress on the quilt you wanted to finish.

  6. O Maria - just break my heart! Stained glass is one of those things that just take my breath because they are so beautiful. Plus, I totally adore your design.

    One time I asked for a class from a man who did it . I had done some embroidery work for it-but he did not have enough time -so I was unable to carry through.

    So, I applaud the beauty that you have created! :)

  7. Maria,you have talent in lots of areas... nice window! Love MY block... I'll wait by the mailbox for that one! Thanks!!! :)

  8. Hi Mum,

    I know what you mean about the weather allowing us to get things done.

    I have started a little wall out the front of the house. It is much easier to go outside without melting away.
    Will send you some photos.
    Love DD2
    Ps maybe you could fix willy wagtail when you are finish????

  9. You have been busy quilting and cleaning. Great work

  10. Hi Maria, thankyou for visiting my blog. It's great to have a computer in action again....even if I'm still on "L" plates with it. Love your blocks.
    Kind Regards

  11. You have your shed looking lovely and clean. I can't wait to see your window finished and installed. You've been busy with the blocks. They look great.

  12. great read ;-)
    great blocks ;-)
    love a nice clean work area too ;-)

  13. Jeepers Maria! You've been busy. Love the blocks. Kind regards, Anita.

  14. Hi Maria, I love your blocks! I also think you have been extremely productive. And your gift from Janet is fantstic! Very lucky!

  15. Great looking blocks, And you have them too the ffs that is.

  16. Oh that window is gorgeous. I love stained glass.

    Great blocks both sent and received. Isn't getting parcels in the mail such fun.

  17. Hello Maria, a good break for sewing....lovely blocks....I have a yen for stained glassed windows....hmmm not fond of those furry critters...hugs lyn

  18. i definitely need to give my sewing area a clean out - i am embarrassed after seeing yours now!!! and you even bleached your fish!