Sunday, April 24, 2011


In Australia it is ANZAC DAY and there will be many people getting up early and going to the dawn service and later to the march.

My DH will be one of them.


                Blue Aug 2008
         “ Lest We Forget.”


  1. Happy ANZAC Day. Someone on another blog mentioned it and I had to look it up. Much like our Memorial Day where we honor those who have served.

    I am glad for those who do. My family has had men in uniform for every generation since the Revolutionary War.

    Happy ANZAC Day, and may soldiers across the world find peace eventually.

    glen in Louisiana USA

  2. Yes, "Lest We Forget" these words always bring a lump to my throat!
    Julia ♥

  3. Your picture of the Piper brought tears to my eyes.
    I can't hear the last post without crying and remembering my Grandy and seeing the flag drapped over his coffin and the post being played as he was carried past his fellow RSA mates ;'( I'm thankful for my Grandy, my Poppa, My Dad and your DH. And men and woman who have served our countries over the many many years.

  4. I think it is so important to honor our past -hoping that we humans will not have to repeat the same lessons where our heroes have already paved the way.

    I hope you had perfect weather for the event.

  5. It is quite overwhelming when you see the small town memorial with whole families listed.

  6. Our generation will NOT forget, but we need to make sure that following generations do not.

  7. Hello Maria,

    Thanks for sharing your husbands photo's. Hope you all had a wonderful day.

  8. This is so neat. I looked it up too. I had never heard of it. Give honor where honor is due. And they deserve it.Happy Anzac Day!

  9. Hi Mum,

    Lovely ANZAC post.
    We all got up and went to the dawn service in King's park. Got right down the front this year. Zoe saw us on TV that night on the news.

    We also went to the Cannington service, Alex march in his cubs uniform with the whole Willeton Scouts group. Please tell Pop.

    There are alot of young kids going to ANZAC services and also many young men & women that have served lately.
    Love DD2