Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last night I sat down and completed the final Christmas gift for this year.

Can only give you a
sneak peak.     005

Next I decided start stitching my "Postage Stamp Quilt" . Heidi had invited us to join her in Feb to make this quilt. She has kindly put a tutorial on her blog.
I thought it would go together quickly but it is not so. Maybe I am just a slow seamstress.

Stripes ready to go.   
 002    My first set completed. I will work on it again later today.

Must away now as I am off into town for a coffee with a friend.


  1. That postage stamp looked like a challenge. SOOOO many seams and matching points!!!!

    It's always nice to view the results of FNSI. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and friend.

  2. Well, there you are! Congratulation
    on finishing up your gifts! You Must be SOOO proud of your self! I am getting closer to that goal! I firmly believe that little "Maria" is helping me "BIGTIME"!!!! Thank you so very much!:) I still cannot believe that she lives with me!

  3. I would love to try a postage stamp quilt one day.... yours is looking great....

  4. All your work will be worth it! Good job on finishig your gifts!

  5. Your postage stamp quilt is going to be gorgeous! I didn't sign up for that one, so I'll be enjoying everyone elses. I was too tired to get much done for FNSI, so I may have to have my own SNSI.

  6. I love your quilt. I will have to look at the tutorial.

  7. Uhm, trust me, you are not slow... I decided that the postage stamp is a life long project. I got one secion done back in Feb and another one since then... I figure one every 6 months is about my limit.

  8. Just hopped over from In Stitches. Postage Stamp is lots of sewing, but so worth it.

  9. Hi! I am visiting from Holly Jolly Blog Bingo, Blog Roll.
    Lucky you, all your pressies finished! I am still frantic.
    Happy Holidays.
    gramisews at gmail dot com

  10. Hello Maria,

    Oh good luck with the postage stamp quilt. A great way to use up those strips we have. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and a little bit of cake!!!
    Happy days.

  11. Maria, loving all of your projects. Love the bargello quilt ... soooo effective and the colours are wonderful. What are the instructions for this? Love the Christmas table runners. Keep up all the fab work. Sharon

  12. You finished all your presents??? I'm jealous (and impressed lol).

  13. woohoo I do love my Christmas present, ran around Christmas morning finding a hanger to put it up... thank you it lovely
    hugs Linda


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