Sunday, October 31, 2010

A day to Remember.

Yesterday started like any other. I went for a beautiful walk along the beach with my friends. Came home got my brekkie and sat down at the computer. After reading a few e-mails and blogs this pop up appeared. I pressed delete and it returned. I did this several times and it would not go. GRRRRR!! Turned off the computer and went back later. Turned it on and guess what!!!  It was back and now I also had a shortcut icon that said "Smart Engine". It seems this is a virus and now my computer has to go to the doctor to be fixed.
DH has given me a Laptop for my B/Day so it is a good time to learn how to use it.

I went into my cave to sew and then I did this. Stitched the blocks together the wrong way.
After some reverse sewing I stitched the blocks together . I could not believe I had made the some mistake AGAIN. I was hoping to get this done and post for OPAM.

I was pleased that I had to go out. Sue and I were to meet for lunch and then a show in our local hall with The Autumn Centre Group. Had a good laugh and an enjoyable afternoon. 
As we were leaving the hall I could see smoke in the distance. Driving closer to home I realised it was 
in our street and close to our house.

Our gate on the right.

This morning it is still smoldering . DH has just returned to take the firefighting tanker out again as it has flared up. As I look out the door there is a lot of black smoke.


  1. Oh, what a day. I'm sure you are glad to see it be done and over with. What caused the fire? I hope it's out and everyone is ok. Take care. This whole week will be better. :)

  2. That is a lot of things going wrong on one weekend.......... hope the fire is properly out now....

  3. Oh You Poor Thing..what a Day...Hope tomorrow is a Good one for You...Hope the fire is well under control now...was a bit close.

  4. Is that 3 things? If so then hoping that is your lot.
    Here is hoping PC doctor can fix your computer, I 'swear' by my laptop

  5. oh my goodness Maria, what a day. I'm so sorry & I hope all is well with the fire. ENjoy your new laptop, I love mine! (it is old). I had a similar week to yours & now I am sick in bed because a chef does not know how to cook gluten free. Sigh

  6. Geez, what a day. The kind that makes you want to go back to bed and hide under the covers. Stay well.

  7. My goodness Maria - I hope next weekend is better for you. A lot of lovely finishes this month.

  8. I hope the fire stayed away from you! My main computer is also in the shop having a virus removed! Working from the laptop is okay except that I fight with the letter T - lol!

  9. My sister, who lives near Armidale, sent me photos of extreme flooding near her house. Australia is a big land of diverse climates it seems!


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