Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Day !!!

Today our little group of Red Hatters ( Dongara Dizzy Dames) went into Geraldton. We met up with the Crimson Butterfly's for lunch and then Ten Pin Bowls.

First we had a coffee and a chat.
Then off to lunch.

Can you see the view we have??
Click on photo to enlarge.

After lunch we asked the chef to take our photo.
Oh No!! We missed one of  the ladies.

She had gone to you know were!!!
Chef hurrying her up. LOL. After more photos we go to the bowls venue.

Let's get the teams typed in.
We all choose our balls.
Do you think she is pleased with her shoot ?

Time for an ice cream and one last photo.
Thank you ladies for such a fun day. Lots chatting ,eating and some bowling.
We must do that again  !!!


  1. What a fun day! Hubby and I like lighthouses, so we'll have to come visit yours some day.

  2. Glad that you all had a wonderful time!

  3. What a fun day. I love how most of you even have red shoes. I used to bowl before we had kids--30 years ago. We had a lot of fun even if we didn't bowl well. It looks like you have a really fun group.

  4. You all look like you laughed all day.... what fun.
    I love the new look on your blog.... and of course the picture at the top featuring the Bargello..

  5. Cute, cute girls having so much fun in their red hats under the red umbrella!!!! Woot!

  6. Looks like you all had a fabulous day is such a lovely location

  7. What a fab day you've had!
    I too had a fab day!
    I escaped the reality of my life for 10 entire hours and was whisked away to the Quilting Show ahhhhhhhhh
    LOVE the red hats! I want to be a red hatter when I grow up LOL

  8. Maria thank you for this funny photos!
    I can see your fun, all these ladies look great !
    I`ld like to be with you, I`m a Red Hatter too :-)))


  9. It seems you have a funday with super laugher too.........

  10. what a fun day! i have just come back from an arvo tea with my girl friends and my cheeks are still aching from smiling and laughing! looks like you did plenty of both too
    and i am glad you changed your top piccie to your bargello quilt - great to see it everytime i read your blog

  11. Life is worth the living when we can share fun days with friends. Such happy photos, I enjoyed the profiles.

  12. Maria- what a wonderful day for you gals! I Loved the pictures -they are terrific - you did so much better than I did with my outing with a friend , where I took my camera and forgot it was even in my purse! Gosh - If I had a brain I would be so dangerous! :)

    You are one Fantastic gal - I had a hard time believing you made that BAr. quilt. How in the world did you keep your eyes on straight! ?????:)

  13. Wow Maria what a fun day , good on you all !

  14. Ooop! I nearly missed a post. Glad you had fun.


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