Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Bargello Journey ( Lots of Photos)

About two years ago my DD2 and I went shopping to buy fabric for me to make her a "Bargello"

DD2 returned home to Perth and I washed and ironed the fabric.

There it stayed till Jan this year when I finally started the journey to make "The Bargello"

Firstly arranging the fabrics, taking photos and e-mailing DD2 to improve the selection.

All the 20 fabrics ready to sew together.                           

Now cut sewn sections into the right size strips

Lets get started.            
               First eight rows.

10 more rows to go.
Another 5 and then stitch it all together.

All the stripes sewn to and now ready for the borders.

WOW !! It's big.
I have always done my own quilting but as it this one is so big I decided to sent it off to the professional quilter.

I am delighted with the way Lesley Finch has done the quilting.
All finished. Sat at the chapel room today with my sewing friends and hand stitched the binding.
I have called this quilt
"Autumn Waves"

Oh I like it on my bed too. Be careful DD2!!!!!


  1. This is absolutely stunning! You did a great job:-)I love the ecolors and the bargello is such a beautiful pattern.

  2. That is an absolutely amazing quilt. You should be very proud and DD must be over bthe moon!
    Well done x

  3. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! what an achievement - well done!

  4. All I can say is WOW I have never been fond of bargello quilts but I think you have just changed my thoughts your quilt is Beautiful I am now off to search the net for info on how to make one
    thank you
    hugs Beth

  5. That is lovely - you have chosen the colours so well for the design... a real work of art... I don't think I'd ever manage to get my head around putting something like that together... its amazing

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! You have inspired me to get my own bargello quilt top out and finally quilt it! What a labor of love...

  7. That is gorgeous! There is so much work in Bargello quilts. Most I have seen have been quite a bit smaller. DD2 had better grab it quick smart or she may miss out. I bet she is delighted with the finished result.

  8. It's truly beautiful. Lesley did a wonderful job but I'm sure you would have too if you'd decided to quilt it yourself. Your work is amazing.

  9. Stunning! The craftsmanship and talent really shows in this piece. Wonderfully done. LUCKY DD2.

  10. I had never heard of a bargello before, but I am now VERY impressed. It is stunning. I can't even IMAGINE doing it.

  11. Well worth all of the work, Maria. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. oohhhh it's beautiful! If dd2 insists on taking it I think you should make another for yourself!

  13. Fantastic quilt, well done, what a wonderful heirloom

  14. What a stunning quilt! It looks amazing on your bed!

  15. It looks so lovely. What a wonderful gift to give. You did a great job.


  16. what a stunning piece of work - I would find it very difficult to give that one away (even if it was to a family member) :-)

  17. Wow, that is a stunning quilt! I love it! Just keep me in mind if your DD2 change her mind ;) , but I doubt it! :)

    I love the colors! I have never made one! Was it confusing?

    Congratulations on your finished quilt!!!!

  18. it's just beautiful, Maria, you have done a wonderful job. Bargellos have always seemed a bit 'difficult" to me, guess you have to be well organised with all those strips. Love the quilting too.

  19. WOW is right! This is an awesome quilt! I love the colors--the arrangements- and the effect of the fabrics! I think DD2 had better claim if quick before you become too attached to it!

  20. You make it look so easy! that quilt is absolutely gorgous! great job!

  21. What a gorgeous bargello!!! I have had fabrics in a baggie ready to make one for a few years now. You have inspired me to get busy. Great job!!

  22. Maria congratulations on your finished Quilt.
    It`s absolutely amazing. I love the colours, they`re so beautiful

    You did a great job


  23. That is absolutely fabulous! Very lovely colours and it really is stunning. Your DD will be very proud to have that on her bed. :)

  24. Hello Maria,

    I am happy that it is all finished and you have managed to have it on your bed until your daughter gets it. Congratulations Maria. Love the name you gave it.
    Happy Monday.

  25. MAGNIFICANT doesn't even begin to describe your quilt! Keep on quilting.....Phyllis

  26. Simply stunning, I have never seen anything like it before . Wow factor by 100%.

  27. Oh's just wonderful!

  28. beautiful, you ladies out did yourselves, Maria. You must be proud.

  29. Oh my gosh, Maria, that is the most amazing quilt. I have never seen a design like that it your own? Unbelievably gorgeous. I know your daughter is going to be so thrilled...I'd have a hard time letting it go! :o)



  30. Oh, My. Gosh. That is beautiful. Will the next one be for me? I don't know how you can bear to part with that. DD is a very lucky girl!

  31. Oh,oh,oh. That is just the most wonderful bargello I have ever seen.
    I have made small ones for jackets and they really catch peoples eye.
    Thanks for sharing. Pam

  32. Wow, that's amazing Maria. Can't imagine the number of hours you put into it!

    Your daughter must feel so special and proud that you've made it for her. No doubt treasured for years to come.

  33. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Di and Little Sister.

  34. Wow, it is absolutely stunning! Welldone!!! Awesome colours too. Thanks fir visitin gmy blog! I will be following you too! Minette

  35. Looove the name of the Quilt. We moved into the new house in the Autumn of 2010. I can't wait to get it on MY bed. The quilting has taken your wonderful work to another level. WOW must tell Oonagh to go and have a look.
    This lovely piece will have a great place in my heart and stay with the family for many years to come. Love you MUM Love DD2

  36. That is amazing, so glad you took all those stage pictures, what a journey!

  37. this is amazing and beautiful! I havent even attempted one yet...I am in awe of your talent....

  38. SPECTACULAR!!! Such a fitting names for the lovely colors.

  39. Absolutely SUPERB.
    And the colors the arranging. I am speachless

  40. You have a lovely daughter Anonymus said
    HUgs from Dorine

  41. holy cow thats awesome!! thanks for showing the process, very cool!

  42. Hola!
    Llegué a su blog por Quilting Gallery.
    Este Bargello es IMPRESIONANTE!
    Es mi sueño poder hacer alguno este año, pero aún no me animo con los colores y el diseño. Soy una quiltera super novata y autodidacta por cuanto no hay instructores de patchwork en mi ciudad, pero éste es uno de mis anhelos!
    Gracias por compartir estas fotos tan explicativas!
    Mucha suerte en el concurso!
    Un abrazo desde Argentina!
    I came to your blog for Quilting Gallery.
    The Bargello is AWESOME!
    It is my dream to make some this year, but I still encourage the colors and design. I am a super rookie and self quiltera because there is no patchwork instructors in my city, but this is one of my wishes!
    Thanks for sharing these photos as explanatory!
    Good luck in the contest!
    A hug from Argentina!"


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