Monday, July 5, 2010

Chilly Weather & Nice Mail

It has been extremely cold over the past two weeks.

This was the temperature at 8.30 am.

Look at the lawn.

The worst part about having frosts is it has killed many of my plants as well as the lawn.

 When I went to get my mail later today I received a lovely squishy from Cat. She had a giveaway which I was lucky enough to win.

Lots of gorgeous fabric, braids and some antique buttons that were her Aunts.


  1. Mary, congratulations on this beautiful win

    I`m very surprised about your frost ,it`s so bad about your plant.
    here in germany it is very hot right now ..


  2. Those cold days are behind us right now, and it's very hot here...95 degrees today! But before we know it, we'll be having those kinds of temperatures again! Ugh!!!!

    Great prizes you won...enjoy!



  3. Beautiful fabric! Congrats on the win!

  4. Isn't frost a pain in the butt! Shame about your plants.
    Looks like you have been very productive again.

  5. I'm cooler after looking at your lawn. I love getting something like that in the mail. Makes me happy all day long.

    Stay warm - Marie

  6. Can we switch weather? It hit 100F here the last couple of days, and we're expecting several more days as well. Too darn hot!
    Enjoy your prize!

  7. BRRRRRRRRRRR thats cold.
    here we have 25 celsius.
    so nice summer now.
    Today the netherlands will win the half finals we hope ..............
    We have our fingers crossed

  8. Yikes! I was complaining about the cold up here in Brisbane but nothing like yours. I don't like the cold. I particularly don't like cold, dark days. We had a few last week and I went into a rapid decline! Well done on your win!

  9. Yeah your parcel arrived :)
    Brrrr it was cold here this morning too
    Cat xx

  10. yay for winning! what a lovely prize! You should come to Texas, you'll be toasty warm (a little too warm for me!)

  11. I can feel your frost Brrrrrrrrrr
    Nice parcel of yummy fabrics and goodies. Lucky you.

  12. Brrr, we have been cold too (SE Qland) but not had such a heavy frost as that. Usually wonderful days after a frost???? What a super win - congrats and enjoy making it up.....

  13. Fun to win something and your sure to find good use for them! Oh I hope the cold doesn't hurt your plant. It has been raining again here in Des Moines. I think we have had 6 inches of rain in 7 days. It's getting serious for the farmers and people who have homes and have business in low areas.
    Have fun with your new goodies!
    Carolyn in Des Moines, Iowa USA

  14. Hope you can read this comment on your blog. Beautiful fabric and fun to win something! It is rainy here in Des Moines, Iowa USA ---every other day we get some rain but one good thing is that my tomatoes are getting plump!! Have fun with your new stash! Carolyn

  15. This is my first time to your blog and I love reading all your posts! It has been cooler here in the mornings too, but hot in the afternoon.

  16. I'll trade you a "little" of your cooler weather for some of our heat.Nice package. Little Sister


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