Saturday, January 2, 2010

Xmas Part 2

. After opening the presents from the family and the ones Santa left

it was time to have breakfast  
DD2 make the cute Santas.

Then the big cousins assembled the scooter and bike thingy for the little ones.

Time to try them out.

I am not sure who had more fun

And even Pop had a go!!!

Did you have fun Alex?? 


  1. Oh Oma how embarrassing, not that photo! now everyone can see how silly i looked riding that bike. I want one!

  2. It does look like they were enjoying those a bit too much. How many will be under next years tree?????

  3. Hi Maria!
    I absolutely adored your pictures of your Christmas presents. So funny to see the "bigger" kids romping too. At least they have not lost their spirit and joy of fun- that is a real plus when you are raising children. People forget that children are learning while they play.

    I could not help but notice that you all were in SHORT Sleeves! Jeepers, I jealous! LOL Here it is 10 degrees and the winds are whipping . Wish I could ship it to your air conditioner. ~smile~

    When you came to visit me in blogland you asked about size of my family. That can really be quiet amazing because I started out as an only child. The DH and I had 3 children -two boys and a girl. Oldest son married his wife and her 4 children and then they had one between them - to total 5.
    DD has 2 and youngest son just got married this summer.

    But then I was told to be prepared for this Spring because we will become "great-grandparents" to 3 more . So, when I discovered my love of sewing I knew it would come in handy. I just wish I had a sharper brain-that would come in handy for me.~smile~

    My Mama always told me , "if you are going to do something - do it to the best of your ability." I have always lived up to that until a year and a half ago when some teenagers hit DH and me head on. Ever since my concussion things just do not add up right and I make SO many mistakes, and it seems to be getting worse here lately. But I keep on trying .

    Happy New year to you and your lovely family!

  4. Mary those are great pix. Go Blue on that weeny lil bike!

  5. Oh! I forgot to say I love your new header picture too.


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