Saturday, January 16, 2010

Strippy Challenge / Friday Night Sew In and OPAM

I needed a project for my Monday sewing with my friends at Dongara Patch . So decided to make blocks from my long scraps into QAYG blocks for my Strippy Challenge .

I continued sewing them for the rest of the week until I had 24 blocks each measuring 12" square.Now I needed something to do for my Friday Night Sew In so I sewed the blocks together. Managed to complete the task by 1am . As you can see it is a truely scrappy quilt using up all my odd bits for the backing and binding . Even sewed all my odd bits of wadding together for the blocks.

 Today was a very hot day so decided to stay inside after my swim and finish the quilt.

What do you think of the result???I am very happy. Not only have I made something
for my "Strippy Challenge" I participated in the "Friday Night Sew In" and completed
a quilt for the OPAM.


  1. It looks great to me..............
    Have a nice weekend Dorine

  2. Super scrappy. I'd get lost just looking at all the pretty fabric, and loving how the not pretty become pretty with all the others....I think I need more caffeine that didn't make the most sense probably lol

  3. Love your strippy quilt and "killing 2 birds with one stone" idea! I was in the Friday night group also and am going down the list to see what everyone did! Wish I could send you some of our cold weather in Ohio...just to cool you down a little!

  4. The quilt looks great and very clever to kill 'three' birds with one stone. Hope it's cooling down for you. They are predicting hot here in Brisbane tomorrow-so far it's been very pleasant this year.

  5. You did well.. I am off checking out what everyone else has done for the Friday Night Sew-In..
    Cath Ü

  6. Three birds with one stone..Cool looks great!

  7. I am in love with that quilt. I love those strip quilts with scraps. I'm not sure I'm patient enough to tackle one though.

  8. Looks fabulous bright and happy, well done!
    Julia ♥

  9. the strippy quilts scare me...but yours is adorable. makes me want to add that to my HUGE LIST of quilts i want to do!

  10. Talk about Multi-Tasking.
    Thats great and I lurrrrve the strippy quilt you finished.

  11. Hi Mum,
    Love your work, it is amazing what you can make from scraps. It is in true quilting spirit making something from nothing.

    I didn't get to sew quilts for friday night sew-in, just stayed at home and finished costumes. My time must have been spent well for I won first prize for Damien's Saltan outfit. Now I must compete with Cheryl, bring it on!!!!!

  12. Oh I love it. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a great week.

  13. That's a speedy new pic on your header. Hang on Pop!

  14. Wow, I'm so glad you popped by, as I'm in love with your strippy quilt - this is really inspiring me to get on with a big quilt. Is it hard to put the strips in the middle of each block? I'd love it if mine ended up even a little bit like yours.

  15. ooh I like your strippy quilt! I need to tackle my scraps and strips soon too.

    Quiltingly Yours

  16. This is wonderful, I like the idea of using all the leftovers from other projects.


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