Saturday, June 15, 2024

Finally ( long post )

I can do an updated post after having NO internet or phone connection for over a week.  I did join Cheryll and friends for June FnwFs  and made my Aussie Hero Blocks and the Angela’s RSC blocks for June.

During the week I completed the second Giraffe 🦒 quilt …

Put together leftover and orphan blocks into 3 different sized quilts . 

The one on the left I have gifted to a croquet friend needing a snuggle quilt.

The next two will go in my donation box.

I was also able to spend a lot of time working on my # 10 Chookshed Challenge cutting glueing and sewing many 1/2” hexies for the sewing basket.

Plus I did some mending and took up a couple of pairs of jeans, all had been shifted around the Cave for a long time. 

Also enjoyed a couple of games of croquet in the sunshine between our wonderful 112ml of rain .
Happy dance as our tanks are now full and all the farmers are happy too.

 Do I thank Telstra for all the time not spent on my iPad or phone ??? Or has it taught me lesson not to spend so much time on devices…..

If you read to the end thanks you , must away now for some lunch and off to croquet…

Happy stitching.

Hugs Maria 💖


  1. Well you certainly achieved a lot! Lots of nice work and your hexies are looking great. xx

  2. Great blocks and the little dragon is very cute as is the giraffe quilt.
    And I really like the colorful quilt made of 8 blocks... so I'm going to make blocks now :-))) You know, I'm a real quilting beginner :-)))) but it will be!!!
    Croquet is definitely a lot of fun :-)) It's starting to rain here, but I want to make jam, I was in the strawberry field yesterday.

  3. Great job with your sewing. Amazing what you can do when you are not surfing the net. I do love the donation quilt that seems to be made on point. It looks great. Happy sewing.

  4. Blue--lots of Blue happenings at your house--all very cute and lovely projects--and 3 neat finishes--and some 'color' added in with the mouse and hexies--way to go, girl!!
    and then even some fun times--sorry your internet was down--but maybe we all need to unplug more often--happy fun days to you ahead--hugs, diane

  5. Time out from the internet has made you very productive indeed.

  6. You have made great use of your internet and phone free time. It must have been frustrating though. I spy a cute little blue dragon amongst your pictures.

  7. you got heaps done Maria..............lots of great projects............

  8. Well done on using your time so well - you got a lot done :-) There are lo s of happy quilts there.

  9. Thank you for the reminder, I have been on my laptop for hours today like on so many other days, and the sewing machine has been sitting alone waiting for company, not to mention other even more useful tasks. Great finishes. The giraffe and the dragon are my favorites this time.

  10. Maybe if my internet went out i might be of a mind to sit & sew. :) These devices aren't good at times. lol. Love the quilts & your blocks are lovely. Glad you finally got some rain.

  11. Good job maria, we should get off our gadgets more often

  12. Well you certainly made good use of the time available.... I think you bring up a good point that we spend a lot of time on devices, at the same time I hate being off line (except when it suits me!!! haha)
    i love your giraffe quilt...


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