Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Catch Up Post !

 Thought it was time to do a catch up post as to what I'd been up to lately apart from my morning dips I have worked on some secret sewing.... 

Fiona from Bubz Rugz and I thought it would be fun to do an Autumn Mini swap . When I collected the mail today her beautiful Mini was in my post box ...It was wrapped in great paper with a lovely hand made tag..

Thanks heaps Fiona. I love all the pretty stitchery blocks and the way you hand quilted it... 

Mine has also arrived in Qld...

The weekend before last Hubby and I went to the big smoke for GD2s Uni Graduation . It was lovely to go along and see her all dressed in gown and mortar board to receive her certificate . 

While there DD2 and I went to "Sculptures by the Sea ". It was such a glorious sunny day. When we first arrived we had a coffee before going for our stroll to view all the sculptures... there are so many talented folk and the variations of designs is amazing.. some are in my header but here are a few more ,

My favorite was the huge " Silver Boab Tree" ( in the header) .. DD and I enjoyed taking some funny photos on the side...

before leaving on Sunday morning we were treated to a delicious brekky of French Toast with fresh strawberries and Ice cream made by DG2s partner..

 I'm pleased to have my mojo back to play in the Cave and I hope to show my Paper Dolls completed soon....

Thinking of all the folk who are in the floods...

Oh must away as the bed is calling..

Stay safe and well

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Congratulations to your Gd on her graduation. The sculptures by the sea look amazing!

  2. what a lovely swap with Fiona........

  3. A lovely catch up post and thanks for the fun swap... I love my mini and I loved making yours.... those art pieces are a hoot and fun to go and see and congrats to DD2 on her graduation....

  4. what a fun trip! congratulations to your GD on her graduation. you must be so proud of her

  5. The 12 inch MiNi was a great swap wasn't it and Fiona sent you another lovely one to add to your collection...
    Congrats to GD on her graduation...and look at that sunshine...we've had NoTHinG but RAIN rain and more rain...I'm over it but at least we are safe here...xox

  6. Lots of fun things--a lovely swap and a GD2s graduation--
    and what neat art pieces--thing my favorite one is the one that looks like it is in mid air in your header!!!
    luv, di

  7. Sounds and looks like a fun time

  8. Congratulations to Gd2. That’s always exciting. Love your swap you received. Those sculptures are fabulous. I’m glad your mojo is back too.

  9. The sculptures look great, and what a beautiful day for it. Congrats to your GD!

  10. What a gorgeous mini Maria - and I love the one you sent to Fiona too! Great sculptures - I like the one of the horse? such a beautiful shape. xx

  11. You and Fiona have made such lovely mini quilts for each other. Glad to hear your mojo is back. Mine finally turned up! LOL! xxx

  12. So good to hear your mojo came back home. Love your header and the sculptures are great to see. Wonderful swap with you and Fiona, you both made beautiful minis.

  13. wow. Wonderful boab tree. Lovely mini from Fiona.

  14. What a lovely idea to have a swap with Fiona. The sculptures do look like fun. So nice to see some events going ahead and being able to actually have a graduation ceremony.

  15. I love what you and Fiona made to swap - great idea! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend, special that you could get to your GD's graduation and a great visit out to the sculptures.

  16. I don't know if my comment came through so I apologize if there are two. I love the beach art you posted photos of!!!


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