Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Again.....

After a busy few days in Perth I arrived home Monday afternoon and now it's Sunday again and another week has disappeared sew before I go for my bob I'll do a post .....

Run out of time before I finished ...  I'm back now .... Water was beautiful and today we had some Black Swans visit in the river....We swim just over the dunes in the ocean..

After the tragic shooting in Christchurch NZ  "Angels In Gumboots"  put out a call to make " Green Hearts " so they can make quilts for the families who lost loved ones....
I popped these in the post on Friday..

Last Sunday was the third Sunday of the month sew it was time for the Sunday Stitchers to draw a new number for the UFO challenge...This month is No 3.....   Mine is  "Flying Colours " wall hanging and I have been busy machine appliqueing it .


Now to find a suitable border , backing and then sandwich and quilt....
The art group in Dongara are Fabric Bombing the trees along the walkway around the river and asked the Patch Group if they could make some long strips to wind around the trees...
Years ago I was in a Signature Swap and the blocks have been hiding in a box for the past 9 years sew I decided it was time to use them and a pile of charm squares to donate to the Art Group....

This one sewn by Helen I just couldn't part with sew I made a nice new pincushion for myself.....

Yesterday I spent the day at Patch with others from our group making our raffle quilt for our Triennal Hanging in October....

We were all busy some sewing , others sorting strips and ironing that no photos were taken but this is the pattern.

Must away and make a coffee before tackling some housework.......

Happy Stitching....
Hugz  Maria  😄


  1. you've had a productive week my friend!

  2. You certainly packed a lot in your lost week... well done... xox

  3. Your button pin cushion is very cute.
    Donated strip....A good way of using up lived blocks that you just won't get to.
    Sounds like a busy week.

  4. My goodness you have been busy....what a beautiful spot you live in. Lovely hearts and No.3 is looking a treat xx

  5. What pretty and delightful projects you are working on or have donated there!!
    and you are keeping busy so you can't get into any trouble ( though for me it seems I can always get into trouble even when I am busy!!!!:-) )
    Have a 'bob' for me tomorrow or the next time you are out there!!
    love those black swans--
    luv, di

  6. Busy as always Maria, lovely to see your hearts and I loe te log cabin bird boxes - very clever! You live in a gorgeous spot - how lucky you get to go bobbing every day :-) A nice use for the signature blocks - you must get a photo of the fabric bombed walkway!

  7. Some lovely projects this week. very productive xcx

  8. a busy week for you.... love the swans in the river.. something about watching the black swans that is hypnotic. YOur latest UFO wallhanging is so pretty....

  9. Love your #3 - and the special pincushion.Maybe this month I will get to my #3...I haven;t doen very well this year!

  10. The weeks slip by so quickly. I love your birdhouse project. That will be so pretty. I had forgotten about all of those signature blocks. I wonder where I put mine. lol I love the button pincushion. That strip pattern is really interesting too.

  11. You have been busy. I can see why you kept Helen’s block. A lovely pincushion. I’ve just hunted out so green fabrics to make some hearts. I think they will receive heaps. The raffle quilt will be gorgeous. I always love that pattern.

  12. Fun post. Your little birdhouses are fantastic! I made some green hearts too, and need to get them mailed. I'm obviously a little behind on my blog reading.....

  13. The birdhouse top is sweet and cheerful! You have black swans, we have had the first sightings of white whooper swans on ice, waiting for the snow to melt and lakes to be free of ice again.


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