Sunday, December 10, 2017

Catching up, SSCS and FnwFs

Just catching up with my posts after spending a few days in the big smoke...

I joined Chooky again this year for SSCS .

this year I received a big parcel from Martine B all the way from France..

I was allowed to open the square gift on the top left hand side ....

Look at the sweet little cushion with the cute hedgehog holding a star Martine made for me..
It will be difficult not to open the other gifts till Christmas day...

Huge thank you Martine for my gifts and also Chooky for organising the swap with her Elf helper Denice...

For the last  FnwFs of the year I joined the lovely Cheryll and friends while visiting my DD and family......
It is always special to be able to spend a FnwFs in my DD craft room.....

While Sandra sewed costumes  I traced a free Christmas stitchery Michelle kindly shared with us and also started making this felt Santa ornament....

I enjoyed a visit with my sister ,  went shopping and of course going to Miss Maud's for Princess cake with my DD and GD

enjoying my GDs dance concert on Saturday and today it was time for the drive home ...

BUT I don't know why I always seam to come home with a pile of stuff from DD craft room.....

An unfinished Baby Quilt , left over FQ bundle, pieces of fabric , tin of beads and felt ornaments a friend gave her ?????

Hmm... you'd think I have enough stuff in my own Cave.....

It's time now to make a cuppa and check out with others have done for FnwFs ...

Happy Stitching
Hugz Maria :)


  1. Busy weekend :-) What a lovely present you got!

  2. looks like fun times to me! and I laugh every time dd sends you home with a bundle of goodies.

  3. Hi Maria i was sure i commented on this post ealier,not sure what is going on,lol,love your secret santa gift and i love Michelle's design xx

  4. Your new banner is oh-so-festive! What do you use to make your collages? And what's not to love about coming home with stuff from someone else's craft room - especially when there's fabric involved?? I didn't sign up for FNWF since I've been so bad about posting lately.

  5. Looks like a great weekend - I admire your restraint in not opening all the gifts at once! x

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Oh, I love that Christmas hedgehog! What a sweet Santa ornament!
    How lovely to return home with goodies, like an early Christmas!
    How good you are not opening all your pressies at once ..... how exciting!
    Interesting cake! You might have liked the tiramisu cheesecake, I had when we were out yesterday, it was delicious ..... shame, didn’t take a piccy!
    Love the sweet doggie in your Xmas banner!
    Barbara xx

  7. Were do I start??? Love your new header--and that is one thing I want to work on next year, myself, is a header!!! Love love that hedgehog pillow--I want one!! and that red work of the tree--I got that out the other day and it is in my 'to make' pile--wonder if it will get made??? and goodies are always good--whether you buy them or are gifted them to make or finish--it's fun!!!
    glad you had a good time and that 'yummy' looks sooo 'yummy'!!!!
    enjoy the moments,di

  8. thanks for being part of the SSCS once again...........lovely gift from Martine............

  9. Beautiful stitchery from Martine !
    I'm so sad to have missed this wonderful swap...
    Have a merry Christmas time !

  10. It sounds like the perfect weekend, stitching and eating. Such a cute hedgehog.

  11. You can never have enough stuff Maria.
    Great cushion from Martine. If that is any indication you are in for a treat with the rest of your gifts
    Love Michelles designs

  12. Lol! Others folks stuff is always good. Gorgeous cushion from Martine! Hope you enjoy the stitchery and I love that cute felt little Santa face. Looks like you had a very nice time away xx

  13. Cute little cushion..lots of good things going on ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I'm chuckling at the treasures you brought back from DD. I know what you mean.

    Your cushion cover is so pretty with the cute little hedgehog.

    It sounds like you had a great time away and I am sure you are happy to be home too.

  15. Sounds like a great little time away Maria, you squeezed a lot into the time you were there! I love the cushion from Martine - it's gorgeous :-) Hehe with adding to your stash from your DD's cave - I'm sure it will give you extra inspiration and fun!

  16. looks like a lovely trip..... love the little ornie you got. It's very kind of you to help DD declutter her room! looks like a nice little bit of stock for you!

  17. All the way from France!!!!!!!!!!! Wow - you are a lucky gal and the little cushion is precious. She put a lot of work into that and it is to be treasured. You gals are so talented.
    I am thrilled you got to visit with your DD- and that cake is so cute! What is the gist of it????

  18. What a cute hedgehog! How exciting to have those packages waiting to be opened. xx

  19. Lovely parcel there from Martine, Maria... not long now until you can open them!

  20. How cute. Martine has made a lovely gift. Your other projects will keep you busy for a little while.


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