Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SSCS and other nice Parcels....

This year I joined Chooky for the fun SSCS .  Sew Santa has been busy delivering parcels all over the world.....
Mine parcel was sent from across the ditch, New Zealand by the lovely Lyn ...
We were allowed to open the small gift straight away...

Lyn stitched a beautiful ornament for me....

I was a good girl and have put the other gift under my tree....can't wait to see what Lyn has wrapped in there...only 5 more sleeps and I can open it...

Thank you Chooky for running the swap and Lyn for my gifts..XXX

My blogging friend Sunny sent my Christmas gift some time ago and she said I could open it now...

Look at the lovely cross stitched cushion she made me  as well as popping in some nice pre-printed stitcheries for me to do all wrapped in a Christmas FQ.

I love to make blocks for Aussie Heros .The Mystery Block Group is organised by the fabulous Lynn and I was delighted to have received this special gift from her.... A great pen engraved with the group on...

If anyone is interested in joining Aussie Heros you can read about it  HERE

Then yesterday there was a squishy package which contained Walnut Shells.

I have never been able to source them here sew the thoughtful Raewyn carried them across the ditch on her last busy visit and then had then posted to me...

OH !!!!! Nearly forgot......Another gift was sent from the USA from Linda.....

interesting pattern books......

A HUGE thank you to all the lovely ladies, Chooky, Lyn, Sunny, Lynn and Linda for spoiling me sew........😘

Off to make my Lunch to take to the Marina and Have while chatting to the ladies....

Hugz Maria :)


  1. Hi Maria ,such awesome gifts for an awesome lady,enjoy all your goodies and your lunch with the ladies at the Marina.xx

  2. I have had trouble finding those walnut shells too. The pack I got my stepson to buy was a bit too fine. I really want to get some from somewhere local though.

  3. Lovely gifts! I have that Little Quilts book. I must get it out again as I haven’t looked at it in ages. :-)

  4. Wow, great gifts and the little quilt book--- love each it! Hug'so, Carolyn

  5. I have that Little Quilts book! Your ornament is very cute. Do you have any large pet stores nearby? That's where I get my walnut shells.

  6. Oh such fun posts!!! Glad you got the walnut shells. They are wonderful in pin cushions.

  7. Ahhh--I see that Santa--though some friends is being very good to you so far--
    keep searching the sky for his sleigh as I am sure there is more to be dropped off at your place--
    love and laughter, di

  8. Fabulous gifts. Anni Downs has the walnut shells. I've bought mine from there. Hugs,xx

  9. Lots of lovely gifts Maria.
    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017...xox

  10. Oh you have been spoiled and you deserve it , enjoy 😊 Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs

  11. Lots of lovely mail and gifts Maria :-) Merry Christmas (sorry there wasn't any Christmas goodness in with your shells!)

  12. Gorgeous gifts from wonderful friends Maria. That book from Linda looks wonderful. Merry Christmas

  13. Walnut shells Mum you have been looking for them for a while.

  14. what a lovely ornament from pretty...........


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