Sunday, December 11, 2016

Postcards, Beach and SS Blocks.

I joined in for Sheila's Christmas Postcard Swap and  Lin was my partner.

This is the lovely postcard she sent to me.....
Big thanks to both Sheila for organising the swap and Lin for my beautiful Christmas Postcard...

We've had very high tides lately sew this is what the beach looks like...

I love the way it always changes...

While walking along I collect small pieces of drift wood and had fun this week making this Wonky Christmas Tree....

Been busy trying to catch up with my SS blocks..

Made these 12 over the past few days... Some are being made MY WAY... a little bit of cheating to make them easier...LOL..

Hope you are all getting everything done for Christmas...

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. Gosh I love your wonky tree!!! How groovy! Beautiful swap you received, the swaps are fun. I love the way the beachline always changes, a different look every day hey? We had strange weather here today....a out of control bushfire, wind, heat, thunderstorm and now rain. lol I'm hoping the lightning doesn't stay with us, we've had some of that too. Have a lovely week ahead little pipsqueak. xx

  2. Love your tree.
    I think SS is certainly open to your interpretation.

  3. I'm with you in the SS front.. love the postcard. How has the tree been done. All those little dots. Your driftwood tree is fun.

  4. ooooh I love your wonky driftwood tree! it's perfect!

  5. Love your wonky tree Are you going to decorate it? How nice to be able to walk on the beach every day. We've been talking about making a quick trip to the beach, but it's just too cold right now. We had an unexpected dusting of snow this morning. YUK. Beautiful postcard! I received mine last week, and need to post about it.

  6. Lovely card from Lin and I really love your wonky tree , so clever . Your SS blocks looks great , I have some catching up to do too , maybe after Christmas now.

  7. Hi Maria ,i love the postcard and your blocks look fantastic,and how wonderful your wonky tree looks.
    I noticed the beach near Sue the water level was really high and she had noticed it as well.x

  8. wow - great progress iwth the SS blocks..... and I love that wonky tree...

  9. Clever wonky tree
    Lin sent a lovely post card and your SS blocks are coming along nicely xx

  10. Lovely to visit you again...
    Merry Christmas to you and your family... HO ho Ho

  11. I love that driftwood tree, Maria. Your postcard is also lovely. Great job on your SS blocks.

  12. I love your tree! Sweet postcard also. Your SS blocks are lovely....I am back on the journey lol!

  13. Great post card💖💖love the tree💖💖

  14. Very lovely postcard from Lin, Maria and I do love your funky Christmas tree from the driftwood. Great progress on your SS blocks; nothing wrong with interpreting them your own way :-)

  15. I love the water - it is so beautiful - it has a life of it's own. Yes, your tree is precious! The little card is so neat - don't you just love handmade itens. They are the best.

  16. Your self-made, space saving tree is perfect! Very pretty postcard, and you have done so well with the SS blocks again. I've fallen behind again ...

  17. what a great idea - to collect the driftwood and make a tree from them..
    Your blocks are coming along very nicely - I'm so far behind with mind that getting back on track will take a small miracle.. hope you have a great Christmas. xx

  18. Love your version of the SS blocks, Maria, & lovely colours too.
    Great beach pic... we're so blessed to live so near to the beach, aren't we?!
    Love your Christmas tree, very creative


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