Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pin Cushion Parade

thank you to  My Sister made Me do It  for the Pin Cushion Parade  again this year...

These are some of the pincushions I have.....

I use most every day but some just live on my dusty shelf..

This one lives next to my chair in the Cave...

I take this one to retreats and  Patch.....

Needles live in these,

and my four bigger ones go from the cutting table to next my machine...

and this special little one lives in my sewing basket..

He's quiet old and was given to me by my DD2 many years ago. He's even been patched...Most of my pin cushions have been gifts or swaps sew they bring back memories of the ladies who gave them to me...

You can visit over HERE to see others and also join in  the fun..

Oh must away I have a lunch date with the ladies.....

Hugz Maria  :)


  1. What a wonderful collection of pincushions you've shared with us. I really like the turtle made of hexies. I'll have to figure out how to make that one.

  2. Aren't pin cushions fun? You have a lovely selection. My favorite is the wee little traveling turtle.

  3. That's such an amazing collection of pincushions! I think my favourite is your retreats one - great colours!

  4. A lovely collection of pin cushions Maria, they are a perfect gift for a crafter and a fun way to play when making them :-)

  5. Such cute pincushions, Maria. I love that heart shaped mouse!

  6. So many lovely pincushions
    Love the turtle
    I think I have a pattern for him Might give it a try

  7. Love your pincushions. You have a great little collection there x

  8. I love your pincushions... especailly the tortoise .... I keep meaning to make one of those

  9. That's a great collection of pin cushions.
    How's the packing...

  10. They're cute little pin cushions girl.
    The pink mouse one reminds me of you. lol
    (The whiskers) xx

  11. That is quite the collection and all oh so colourful! I love the three dancing ladies knick knack too. :)

  12. The cushions are very pretty ♥

  13. I love your pincushions. They are beautiful!!

  14. I thought I had pictures of all mine, but realized they are all over the place! Love the pup too
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  15. Great collection! I love those ones with the thread catcher baskets!

  16. Lovely collection of pincushion Maria and some friendly looking creatures, love the little mouse and the larger one too. great fun.

  17. Sure do love your collection! XO

  18. You have a lovely collections of pin cushions, Maria. But I think my hexagon turtle is nicer than your hexagon turtle! LOL! I love your other special turtle too. xx


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