Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sewing Along

with Chooky and Friends to help celebrate the "Chook sheds 4th Birthday". I am having a wonderful time making "Windy Hill Farm" out of Toni's Book "Happy Quilts"

First I had to go through my stash and find all the fabrics....

Yesterday I traced onto the vliesofix and then cut out the pieces for the first row....

by 10.30pm I was doing the Sun, last block on the first row when the power went out.....Grrrrr!!!

back into the Cave early this morning completed the Sun block and now sewing the top row together to add a Flower and little pig...

I am having sew much fun and it great to be enjoying sewing again...  You can still sign up for Chooky's Party HERE as it will be going all weekend.. Perfect as it is a long weekend here in the West and its raining. Nothing nicer than having a PJ day and sewing along with friends...

Just finished my coffee break sew back to the Farm.....

Happy Stitching,

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. Certainly a fun quilt....glad your power is back!

  2. That quilt brings a smile to my face. EnJoY sewing it with Chooky and all her friends...xox

  3. Your day sounds fabulous. What a fun cheerful quilt to make. It should come together rather quickly.

  4. Those are super cute. Enjoy your day.

  5. this quilt is going to be sew cute!!!

  6. You're making great progress! Don't you just love a sewing party??

  7. Sewing along with the chook shed in more ways than one...

  8. Love that quilt Maria. I was just thinking of you as the newest family member, Darcy William (4.5 months) is lolling about on the gorgeously quilted fox panel quilt you made for Harvey.
    Happy sewing,

  9. OOOO, this looks Precious - I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Those little animals are going to be so cute and your applique is perfect.

  11. Wonderful colours and blocks.. they are so fun to sew aren't they


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