Monday, February 29, 2016

OPAM for February

This year is going along far too fast .. Tomorrow is March 1st already and the first day of Autumn, one of my favourite seasons, usually warm days and cool nights Down Under...

when I looked through my photos I was surprised to have five finishes for OPAM this month as it seams I have only sewed and sewed the Mystery Quilt for forever but ....

I enjoyed making these for my Bobbing Friend Helen's BD...

and also my friend Ellyn's BD gifts...

When we received  Part Three of the "Mystery Quilt" I was sew disappointed and didn't like it at all.

Sew I played with the blocks I had spent forever to cut, sew and trim and put this together.
Now I love it......

This is the back view sew you can see the quilting I did on it ....

Which finished quilt do you prefer ????

Huge thank you to our lovely Ladies KRIS and PEG  for organising us for another great year of finishes for OPAM... 

Happy Stitching..

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. Wow! Your quilt is beautiful! You have some lovely finishes Maria. Well done xx

  2. WOW that quilt is phenomenal truly amazing I love it

  3. I do like the way you have put your quilt together

  4. I love the mystery quilt Mum it turned out well.

  5. Yippee!!! Autumn is happy for the prospect of cooler
    weather. Wasn't Saturday a stinker of a day?!!! You've been mighty busy with
    all your finishes girl. They're all lovely. Heaps of time gone into that
    quilt! Happy sewing.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. the birthday gifts made me smile! I was so happy to have them along on my retreat, almost like you were there sewing with me! Of course I love your quilt more than the sample. Your contrast is so much better friend

  7. I have to say, I much prefer your version too. Lovely quilt and a very nice save on your part. Love those cup cakes.

  8. Sweet birthday gifts and I love your quilt , you did an amazing job !

  9. Such nice gifts you made for friends--
    and yes I do like your quilt much better--it is lighter and brighter and I like that--great job--
    love and laughter, di

  10. Love the tea towels - there is so much work in that quilt - it's good that you were able make it into something you like.

  11. Beautiful gifts. I much prefer your quilt it looks amazing !!

  12. Maria , it hits me as so funny and amazing that it will become Fall in your part of the world and in 3 weeks -Spring in mine! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your projects are very beautiful and to be so very proud of.

  13. lovely gifts you made. I like your version very much with the extra plain colour giving a rest. So clever, I would never think of doing that.

  14. I like your finished quilt much better than the other. Yours is a little more 'organized' which my eye prefers. I love Ellyn's gifts. I wonder if there might be something similar in the package that arrived for me today?? I haven't opened it yet, but may not be able to wait until my actual birthday. I'm really bad about waiting. :-) Thanks!

  15. Well of course I LOVE YOURS Maria... oh my god, if i saw that one from the mag i would have just canned the whole idea... not a nice look at all, sorry to the maker of it... BUT yours is great, I'm with Sunny , I like the slightly-organised-scrappy-look... well done !!

  16. Hello Maria,

    Love your little ice creams, a great present for your friend. It is always good to see design changes in quilt patterns. I can't understand while everyone has to follow the instructions to the T.

    Happy days.

  17. A great tally of finishes - well done! Definitely prefer your mystery! Great you could salvage it, it must have been such a let down when you received the mystery!

  18. Love the cupcake tea towels...they are so very pretty...xox

  19. I see you too changed the proportions of your mystery quilt. I prefer your version also for the arrangement of the blocks. -The cupcakes/ice creams look delicious!


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