Saturday, October 3, 2015

FnwFs and A new Project

It’s the first Friday of the month again. How does it come around sew quickly… October already sew there are only two more FnwFs with Cheryll and the ladies before Christmas.        
I had an early start this afternoon and sewed some more QAYG Blocks which I popped in the mail..


organised some more secret applique sewing


and then sat and did a little secret stitchery….


I think I must be crazy, no I know I am.. Look what I have joined now….


EPP with lots of needle turn… Can you see how many pieces are in that packet ?? This is what happens when I am up late browsing… Smile 


tomorrow in Aussie it is the AFL Football final and OUR West Aussie team THE EAGLES are it it………..

                                                      GO THE EAGLES

Must away to bed now..

Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. Looking forfard to seeing your progress on your new EEP project. Happy Stitching.

  2. ooooh a new EPP project! can't wait to see

  3. Look forward to seeing the EPP project. I thought about doing it but resisted. Hugs,xx

  4. Lovely epp project. I was stitching in the afternoon too. Nice to know I had company. Hope your team does well x

  5. Happy stitching Crazy or not I bet you will still enjoy it

  6. Secret stitching? Could it be that Christmas is coming? What is the EPP project that you're doing??

  7. Maria lot's of little pieces of paper in that bag..will keep you out of trouble. Your stitching is so neat...someone will love their present.

  8. Lovely all of it. Lots of little stitches in your future. Enjoy.
    Seems your team may have been dazzled by our sun, I know they weren't expecting to see it here!

  9. Yes, late night online browsing has a lot to answer for. Can't wait to see the project. At least as a quilt-a-long, you will have others motivating you. I see there are lots of secret projects happening as well. Looking forward to seeing them too.

  10. Looks,like you were busy. ... The EPP looks like fun xx

  11. I'm not sure I need your reminder about how close Christmas is :-) Lots of secrets at your place, isn't it a fun time! I signed up for the EPP QAL as well and am pleased to see you're doing it too, I'm looking forward to it starting...

  12. Sorry about the Eagles...
    You are not giving much away are you?
    That EPPQAL. Is so tempting....

  13. Lots of projects happening look forward to the Eppqal.

  14. You have a lot of lovely things on the go there..looking forward to seeing the EPP projects..I missed the cut off for that one..watched the game from over here in NZ on Saturday..commiserations..your Eagles had beaten the Hawks a couple of weeks ago..

  15. Sorry I missed you when you got home, now I am home and you are away traveling again. See you soon I hope.

  16. Ahhhh yes the AFL we were in Australia for that but had no idea what was going on . . . Lovely to see your handiwork


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