Sunday, August 16, 2015

Still Here….

We have been in the quiet peaceful Sandown Caravan Park between Gympie and Tin Can Bay Qld for a few days now.….. Well it is quiet all day but a little different at “Happy Hour” when all the Veterans get together and have a few beers…


Its been great going for walks in the Pine Plantation, which the Park is surrounded by, twice a day with Lacy .


having time to stitch and finish the centre Block for Natures' Journey with Chooky and Susan.   YEH!!!!!


and happily stitching when…… not happy Jan…..


the pellon was folded double and I didn’t realise…Grrr…. I cut around it as I wasn’t going to unpick…


all fixed and getting on with it now…

Must close now and get into bed were it is warm and cosy… Freezing tonight.

Hugz MariaSmile


  1. stay warm! Lovely stitching on the road... hate when things double over like that. How much longer are you traveling?

  2. Freezing??? I'd stay in bed all day - covered with warm quilts. The area looks so pretty.

    Your center block looks wonderful. Isn't it frustrating when you do all of that work on embroidery and then discover a problem like that? It worked out fine and looks great.

  3. it looks wonderful .. and time to sew .. and sort out as well .. sounds like the BEST kind of holiday x

  4. Glad you're having such a nice trip. Seeing more of the country, and still getting in some stitchy time. Nature's Journey is gorgeous!

  5. A lovely area...your centre blok looks great.
    Hope you can get warm at night - this has been the coldest and cold for the longest period winter we have had for ages.

  6. Love your centre block. Looks lovely where you are. Hugs,xx

  7. Looks like a perfect spot, your stitchery is looking beautiful Maria !

  8. lovely border done for NJ......glad you are having a lovely time on your trip..........

  9. Tin Can Bay is a lovely area Enjoy
    Sewing looks good and pleased to hear others do silly things like me xx Sewing looks good

  10. Oh an adventure--and you even get stitching time--
    what more can one ask for--

  11. Lovely to be there and great to get some lovely walks and peaceful stitching done.... I also cut the backing when I have done that to avoid unpicking....

  12. you are definitely clocking up some camping miles, lovely that Lacey gets to enjoy such pretty places too.
    Love your NJ centre, well done!

  13. Hi Maria... the Park looks great... enjoy!
    Lacy looks to be having a huge time, on her wonderful adventures...

  14. Beautiful work Mum. Your centre block looks great.
    Enjoying your walks before you hit the risk again :-)

  15. Sounds like a really nice camping trip! lacy seems happy too. Our late sweet little beagle Sadie used to love traveling with us in our RV. Always wanted my seat riding shot gun but Cocoa Kitty would always hide behind sofa! Fond memories. Lovely projects! I tend to do stuff like that also! you are not alone!!;-)

  16. Glad you're enjoying your trip, happy hour sounds pretty cool!! lol
    Love your stitchery too.
    Cheers, Anita.

  17. Stitching and road tripping, sounds lovely... Love the photo of Lacey on her walk, looks like a looonnng track xxx

  18. Sounds like a lovely place to stitch (even if it's a bit cold!!)
    Your current stitching piece looks lovely :o)
    Enjoy the rest of your road trip!
    Hugs xx

  19. Hi Maria looks like a lovely spot for a holiday ,enjoy your stitchery,i have done this one and i enjoyed it,have fun and enjoy your holidays my friend xx


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