Monday, July 13, 2015

Spending time Stitching

my July Nature's Journey SAL block with Chooky, Susan and lots of other lovely folk.


It seams to have taken most of my spare time but I am very happy it’s done. Decided not to include the Blanket stitch with a hexie and circle in each corner….

Been freezing here in the West and I see it is cold everywhere else in Aussie. Hope it warms up over the East as we plan to head over there soon……

Happy Stitching,
Hugz  Maria  Smile


  1. Looks great, Maria. Yes, it's freezing over here too. The coonara hasn't been out for days!

  2. we're definitely having chilly weather here too!!
    Love your July block-gorgeous
    How far east are you headed?

  3. Love your centre block of Nature's Journey Maria. I have only done my background, so need to get moving

  4. Wow your centre block is gorgeous Maria,well done,yes freezing over here too xx

  5. what a beautiful block! You could head on over to my house to warm up.... supposed to hit 100 today. blah

  6. Very pretty Maria! I love seeing these all over blogland. I hope your weather warms up so you can enjoy your travels. We're a little cool today, with a chance of rain.

  7. That is such a pretty piece, Maria. I hope it warms up a bit soon for you. Spring will be here before you know it.

  8. Lovely finish--
    it seems weird to hear that it is so cold there and so nice and warm here--
    and then in our winter it must seem weird to you when we talk about how cold it is here and how warm you are--
    but then moving to Fl I guess I will be mostly warm all the time!!!

  9. Love your block. Mine is all prepared. I'd hoped to start stitching last night but i ended up babysitting the Gs no stitching for me on NJ. Hugs,xx

  10. Glad you have decided which way to go on that block...I have finally got mine organised though I still need to add the various bugs...
    Where abouts in the "East" are you heading??? Brisbane???

  11. The block looks great Maria. It sure has been cold in lots of places in Aus... but I've been loving my reverse cycle system for some warmth.

  12. Lovely Maria. It's such a sweet block x

  13. Love your block... it is taking up a lot of my stitching time at the moment too..

  14. Quite nice! I really need to spend some time doing more handwork. You inspire me!


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