Saturday, June 6, 2015

Biggest Morning Tea, FnwFs and Workshop.

Yesterday our Town put on The Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council of WA..  We had a teapot with tea cosies on each table as prizes. Thank you to my Sweet blogging friend Anita who made this cute one for us …


It was sew busy that I missed who the lucky lady was that won Anita’s tea cosy..   Sadly it wasn't me. Sad smile..


The morning was a very successful raising over $5000 for the Cancer Council from our small town.

Sew it was really nice to sit, relax and sew along with Cheryll and Friends….Thanks Ladies….

firstly I did some more quilting . You can see what I am working  HERE.
When my shoulders and back were aching I had a rest and got all my gear ready for the Bargello Workshop …

Afterwards I enjoyed making another Stitchery roll...



and then of to bed…ZZZZZZZZ

Couldn’t post earlier as I was at the workshop all day


and when I got home at 5pm  Lacy needed a walk…..



                                  Love the Sunset at the beach this evening….

Now to do some more of my Bargello Table runner….

Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. the table runner is awesome! and what a wonderful event for cancer.

  2. Yet again Mum you have out done yourself.
    Great morning tea $$$$.
    The Christmas runner is a winner.

  3. The morning tea sounds fabulous - love that tea cozy anad great money raised too! Pretty stitchery roll and your Bargello looks awesome!

  4. What a lovely idea - a morning tea fundraiser! I'm loving your Bargello. I've never tried one before.

  5. That teapot is so very cute, what a shame you were not the winner! I love your Bargello quilt so far - it is lovely - for Christmas?

  6. What an adorable tea cosy, I would have wanted to win it too!
    Love the bargello.

  7. Love that tea cosy! And I love your Bargello. I've never tried one either, but I know you have.

  8. Cute tea cosy and your Bargello quilt is lovely, I must look up my pattern for this stitchery roll and make myself one too :) Barb.

  9. The tea cosy is so cute! Shame you didn't win it! The Bargello is amazing!! Your town did really well with the fundraiser, the stitchery roll looks lovely, like sunsets at the beach too.

  10. My goodness you have been busy
    Like the stitchery roll Must make one for myself. We had our Biggest Morning Tea last week Yours was very successful

  11. Hi chickie,
    How groovy lots of money was raised at your morning tea, loved that
    your community has all chipped in. Glad to help out with the tea cosy,
    it was fun to knit. Love all your gorgeous works.
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. what a fantastic effort in fundraising.
    love Anita's tea cosy, lucky person who took that home.
    lovely crafting too.
    can't wait for longer days here... it's dark by 4.30 here

  13. Looks like a great day with lots of money raised.mgood effort.
    Nice tea cosy.
    Beautiful sunset

  14. That was a very successful morning tea. I love that tea cosy. Lovely projects Maria. You had a busy day!

  15. Hi Maria,isnt that fantastic the amount of money that was raised,well done ladies ,oh and some beautiful work from you Maria,hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend xx

  16. Gorgeous tea cosy and congrats on a successful morning tea !

  17. That tea cosy is gorgeous LOVE it and wow sunset gorgeous !! !! !!

  18. Wow you had a busy Friday - glad the cancer fundraiser went so well. Your quilt is looking lovleyl and I like the idea of your sewing roll. And that table runner is beautiful.

  19. I love that teacosy!!! Awesome effort with money raised. Great sewing too!

  20. That teacosy is amazing. Lucky winner.
    Love your new table runner in the making.
    Enjoy your sewing,

  21. What a sweet tea cozy. It's wonderful! Your fundraiser was a success. That's awesome!

  22. Wow what a busy day you had! Great work on the fundraiser!

  23. What a wonderful event! You have been very busy!!

  24. Beautiful tea cosy, glad the fund raiser went well. Love what you are quilting and the Bargello is lovely. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  25. Wonderful fund raising for your morning tea!
    Hugs xx

  26. Such lovely projects, the teacosy is gorgeous. I love the Christmas-y looking quilt too!

  27. What a fabulous tea cosy - shame you didn't win it.

  28. I bet everyone wanted to win that tea cosy Maria - Anita did a great job of it!
    Superb work on the Bargello, looks like too much thinking for me!

  29. That tea cozy is fantastic!!! It sounds like it was a successful and fun time.

    The bargello is looking great, Maria.

  30. A great cause! would have been lovely to win..oh well...but congratualtions on your win from Peg!!

  31. Great cause & great tea cosy!

  32. Lovely TeaCosy... and a FuN way to raise funds.
    Your Bargello Xmas topper is gorgeous! Love it! xox

  33. Congratulations to everyone for putting on such a great fundraiser!

    I love you Stitchery Roll and that bargello table is going to be gorgeous!


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