Saturday, December 20, 2014


It was sew nice to join Wendy and my other blogging friends for the last FNSI for the year…

firstly I cut and organised these " Hash tag Blocks" 


which I will be sending to Molli Sparlkes for the Sydney Heros. You can read about it HERE….

When I take Lacy for walkies on the beach she blends in with the sand and seaweed. Sew my DD made her a Hi Vis Jacket from her Hubby’s overalls.. The clip wouldn't undo when it had sand in it sew last night I replaced it with some Velcro.


That's better Lacy !!!!!

I have always wanted to have some Christmas Place Mats sew last night I put six together and managed to do the binding on two.


will join my Northern Hemisphere folk tonight and finish the other four…

Thank you Wendy for my fun FNSIs. Hope you organise us again next year…Will check out what other have done over the weekend HERE..

Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. I love your placemats! yay! and Lacy looking all adorable as always...

  2. Your placemats are wonderful & perfect for the festive season. Good luck finishing them tonight.
    Merry Christmas xox

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the Hashtag blocks. I'll try to get a couple made tomorrow and in the mail. Your placemats are bright and pretty. Good luck getting them finished!

  4. How lucky is Lacy to have her own high vis jacket! Lovely placemats, Maria.

  5. Very productive Maria - I have table runner and placemats planned too - maybe next year!!
    Great job on the hashtag blocks.

  6. Nice place mats
    Lacy looks good in her new vest

  7. Productive night... Well done... All set for XMAS with those placemats

  8. great blocks and I love Lacey's hi vis, what a great idea
    Your placemats are going to brighten up the christmas table for sure!

  9. Great progress. Lacy looks great in her vest. Fabulous idea. Love the placemats. They are going to look fabulous on the Christmas dinner table.

  10. Very nice vest for Lacy, the placemats look beautiful as well.
    Have a Merry Christmas,

  11. You had a very productive time. Love the placemats.

  12. what a cute dog and I love your place mats.

  13. Hello Maria,

    Love the jolly placemats. The blocks will bring much love to the recipient.

    Happy days.

  14. You got lots done! I love the high vis jacket. Here we use blinking lights on our dogs so we can find them in the dark. :)

  15. Your blocks and placemats are lovely and Lacy looks so cute in the high vis jacket!