Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I’m Back from Retreat!!! Long post

Linda picked me up at 8am on Friday for our 4 day retreat at Avalon. Such a pretty place tucked away in the hills at Toodyay.

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We arrived at round 4pm after a little detour through Midland for some shopping and nice lunch. We quickly unpacked the car and set up as everyone was already busy cutting , sewing and chatting . Hmm! some were txt too…


One of our members, Loris, was making a PJ Doggy Bag for her youngest GS and asked if others would like to join her. Six of us sewed along.

this is my poor guy before stuffing.



looking better but still needing a nose…


with all his friends sitting on the back of the lounge chair,

Oh! wait Beatrice’s Purple fella is now ready to join with the others for the outdoor photo shoot. 


The old fella on the right is about 12 yrs and came along sew we could see how he went together.. Made it a bit easier....

I have taken this Kit with me to several retreats over the years and this time I have finally cut and stitched the Snowballs. Wonder when I will put them together…


Also managed to do some secret sewing on my Summertime mini.


Some of us stayed up till the wee small hours


even though Helen's glasses lost an arm  (easily fixed with tape ah! )


and Beatrice was feeling the cold….


We finally went to bed round 1am....

Patch Friends,

Linda pinning her quilt.


Val’s “Hexagon”Jelly Roll Flimsy,


and she also made the cute Bunny on the chair.  At 86 Val is amazing and has no intention of slowly down, only hope I am still as active as her at that age.

Jan M’s “Forrest Path” Jelly Roll Flimsy.


Pam’s sewing table mat….


Jan A’s “Bag” for her GD1


Monday morning the room all packed up


and we are ready for the drive home through the lovely misty morning.


What a fabulous 4 days of just being spoilt, I loved it. 

Hugz  Maria


  1. Oh that just looks wonderful..........lots of lovely things worked on while you were all there........

  2. Great fun and it is wonderful that so many did projects together as a sew a long. I love retreats and also love when other quilts share about them

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Lucky you!

  4. Those dogs are so cute Maria. Looks like you all got a lot done.

  5. looks like a very productive retreat and lots of fun too!

  6. Looks like a good time was had by all
    I received a lovely surprise in the mail today Thank you so much xx

  7. I'm so happy for you, and so jealous! You really needed that time away, and it's good to hear that you got so much done, and got rejuvenated. I just found out that my fall retreat coincides with something else, so I probably won't be able to attend. :-(

  8. Oh, my goodness, what fun you had!! So glad you had this opportunity. Love those little pups.

  9. What a lovely time you had and seem to have really got a lot done as well! Those pups are adorable!

  10. Great photos - a bit jealous here - you had such a wonderful retreat!!!

  11. What a fabulous retreat! All the girls projects look gorgeous but those PJ Dogs are just too cute for words. They cracked me up sitting sitting in a row like that. Did you have a pattern or work from the original. Whichever.. they are
    impressive. Glad you finally got to make those snowballs.....xx

  12. Oh how awesome Maria! 4 days of sewing, that would be heaven, how lucky and lovely. Those dogs are just too cute!

  13. Retreats are such fun--all the excitement and anticipation before the retreat begins and looking forward to reuniting with new/old friends for the next retreat

  14. Great fun and lots done... some lovely quilts and those dogs are just so cute ... did the retreat give mojo a boost?

  15. Hi Maria wow what an awesome time away with such lovely friends,love those cute dogs,thankyou for sharing those lovely projects,well done ladies.xx

  16. Looks like a wonderful retreat , so glad you enjoyed your time :-)

  17. What a lovely time you had. All the doggies in a row look so cute. Looks like everyone got quite a lot done. You must have been tired when you got home.

  18. What fun you had, Maria. I LOVE those doggies!!!! It looks like it was a productive crowd of women too.

  19. Fabulous!! How blissful, retreat for 4 days :-) Love those PJ doggies and great projects by everyone.

  20. so glad you had a fun weekend! those puppies are adorable!

  21. Just gorgeous doggies :) Looks like a wonderful four days :)

  22. My guild had a retreat in the country this weekend too1 But I had to miss it because of my knee replaemment surgery. They all called me on Saturday to rub it in!

  23. What a cute doggie bag...looks like you all had a great time...

  24. What a fun retreat! I'm new to the US, so it was nice to see the adventures of a fellow west Aussie!


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