Monday, May 26, 2014

West Aussie GTG…….

It was lovely catching up with the ladies at the Craft Fair on Saturday after a busy few days in Perth.
Nice photo of us with our new friend Lisa, Tracee, my DD Sandra, Anthea, me,Tracy with the cute Miss M and our Julia having coffee before going into to the show.


there are always sew many beautiful quilts to see sew will only show you some of my favourites…

WOW! all 1 1/2” squares… Looks like 100s and 1000s.


this years challenge was “10” and I really loved some of the ideas folk use  and the quilting is amazing. Shame you cant see all the detail in photos.

033  “Hang Ten”

“Ten Birds”

“Ten Houses”

  “Ten Skittles”

No wonder it got a Blue Ribbon as it was just fabulous…..

I was the last of the big spenders only buying


some small “Dresden Plate” papers for a challenge I joined. Pretty Threads from “Cottage Garden” and some Spots or are they Dots for my Owls….. I am sure my other bloggy friends made up for the lack of my spending….

Hugz  Maria


  1. Those quilts are amazing, Maria. I can imagine how much better they would look in person. Lovely purchases. Will you be able to open those CGT or will you just admire them like I would! They are so pretty.

  2. Yes, those quilts were amazing.
    So many talented ladies out the skittles!
    I didn't buy much either Maria, but I had a lovely time with you ladies.
    Julia ♥

  3. wow Maria what awesome quilts,thankyou for sharing them with us,i love the girl on the surf board.
    Its good to got to catch up with old and new friends Maria and i like what you bought,those threads are gorgeous,so glad you had an awesome day my friend.xx

  4. a nice little stash of goodies. Love the dotty fabrics.
    I think the skittles quilt is my favourite.
    looks like a lovely bloggy catch up!

  5. So glad you were all able to get together and wow some wonderful quilts on show

  6. Lovely photo of you all. Beautiful quilts. I loved seeing them. People are so clever. Nice little bundle of purchases. I love my little Dresden papers.

  7. Absolutely amazing quilts, love your purchases..and what a lot of fun to meet up with the WA bloggers..

  8. Oh look at all you Perthy Girls... wish I could have been there, dam my back and you will never guess where I ended up.... Princess Margret Hospital.... as my Grandson was bitten by the dog and had to have minor surgery to clean th bites and a couple of stitches... looks like you had an awesome meet up and shopping trip xxx

  9. How fun to catch up together..... love those quilts especially the skittles... what size dresdens will those templates make and how many petals in a plate? I am looking for some but not sure what to get...

  10. so nice you girls got to meet up........thanks for sharing the quilt pics too.........

  11. I had such a fabulous day and I'm so pleased to have met you all. Cant wait for our next get together.

  12. beautiful quilts! So glad you had a fun day out with your friends. I always get overwhelmed at those shows and rarely spend much. Those threads are beautiful colors though!

  13. I'm glad you got to meet up with friends for such an enjoyable day. You needed it. Those quilts are amazing! I would like to possess 1/100th of the talent some of those quilters have!

  14. Amazing quilts , isn't it interesting what different ideas come from a challenge , these were just wonderful . Nice to spend the day with friends and do a little shopping :-)

  15. Amazing quilts and so nice to catch up with the girls...

  16. It's wonderful to catch up with friends and family, especially at a quilt show.

  17. Well I don't know who did a lot of spending... not me that's for sure!! LOL

    It was great to see you again Maria - & I do agree that the Quilt Challenge brings out some amazing ideas & creations.
    Enjoy your Spotty Dots!

  18. Those quilts certainly have the wow factor, Maria...lovely photos of them. You will have fun with what you did buy and it won't be a problem finding room for more 'stuff', which must be a problem for the big spenders! lol

  19. oh my the 1 1'2 inch square blocks quilt is amazing - I love it!


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