Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My OPAM Finishes for February..and a Clean Cave…

I have been busy this month with family sew only a few finishes ..

I can now show you the Table Runner I made  for my friend Ellyn's B/D last month.

Ellyn's Table Runner 2014

This Mickey & Minnie Panel has been tucked away in a plastic box at Patch for years. I took it home sandwiched it with some Polar Fleece and did a big Stipple all over.



Now it’s ready to join the other community quilts our members have made to give to folk when they need some cheer ……

and I finished two little Christmas gifts to pop into my Christmas box…



thanks to Kris and Peg for keeping us on track each month with OPAM….How did you go this month??

Oh !!! Had to show you the Cave after my big clean up.. I can actually see the cutting table..


Hugz  Maria


  1. the cave looks great & I love your finishes. My tablerunner is receiving lots of love and is going to look so snazzy in my new house!

  2. Fantastic finishes and your cave looks brilliant!

  3. Great finishes Maria. I only have one finish for this month (well that I could show anyway). There are some put away but you'll have to wait to see those.

  4. Lovely finishes Maria, the cave looks great well done !

  5. Beautiful finishes Maria. Your cave looks great. Hugs,xx

  6. Lovely work, and nice to see a tidy cave.

  7. Great finishes Maria.
    Wish my cave was that tidy!

    Julia ♥

  8. Busy little sewing hands you have there Maria... nice and organised and clean............. but for how long hahahaha xxx

  9. Some wonderful finishes Maria and your sewing space looks just fabulous !

  10. the mickey quilt is fun and I love the tablerunner... you did well for a busy month... wish you were closer and could come and clean my space......

  11. That's an impressive cleanup Maria. Lots of lovely finishes for your busy month.

  12. your cave looks amazing! love the christmas decorations and your runner looks great.
    lovely panel and finish.

  13. I just did my cleaning this week too. It always feels so good.

    Your finishes look great. I really like those little ornaments.

  14. Some lovely finishes.A tidy cave......unheard off lol.xx

  15. Hi Maria, I enjoyed catching up with your projects....I went to a quilting class today...and left my machine for servicing....feel as if part of me is missing....Hugs, O'faigh

  16. How dare you have such a clean Cave!
    Maria it was so great to see you today & thanks for your advice on my quilt blocks... have a good weekend x

  17. Congratulations on your Cave! I have just moved workspaces and I too need a good clear up! I love your little Christmas things and what a great idea to make them all year round and not when you are way too busy - like at Christmas!! xCathy


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