Saturday, February 9, 2013

A good day to sit inside

and sew….It is over 40 deg Celsius in the shade today.


Sew after my lovely long bob this morning I am not going anywhere but into the cave and sew with the Air Con on…

I have found the fabrics I will use for my 2nd project at SAL.


while in Perth my DD found a lovely range of fabrics on special  ( The Orange and Blues ) and has challenged me to a Quilt Off. We both have a 1/2mt of each fabric with 3mts for the backing. We can add ONE solid colour if we wish. Will be interesting to see what we both make…

013 (2)

The other fabrics and cottons just hopped into my bag ???

Yesterday this lovely Cushion Cover and Thread catcher, made out of great sewing fabric, arrived in the mail from Carmen for the “Cushion Swap” that was run by swap Mum Sue. A big thank you to both ladies.


007 (2)

Back with cute heart buttons….

Okay I have had a coffee sew it’s back into the cave. Working on my North Pole block and then some QAYG blocks for Jan at Oz Comfort Quilts. Do pop over to see the great work Jan does..


Hugz  Maria


  1. Mmmmmm - love those blues and oranges - and how lovely for you that your daughter shares your patchwork/quilting/crafting passion!

  2. Your bag is going to be gorgeous with those fabrics. Wiull be waiting to see the results of the quilt off. Gorgeous fabrics to work with so they both should be beautiful.

  3. I love the fabrics for your SAL project and cant wait to see what you make with those blues and oranges. You will have to post pics of your DD's quilt progress too. Love that magazine fabric too.

  4. That IS hot! Love those fabrics and the cushion cover and thread catcher are just so lovely! Nice pile of QAYG blocks too!

  5. love the fabric you have chosen for your bag Maria and what a wonderful idea to have a challenge with Sandra,this should be a lot of fun.xx

  6. don't you just love when things hop into the cart all on their own? Can't wait to see what becomes of those blues & oranges, lovely fabric! enjoy your day in the air conditioning. I'm off to sew with my young friends

  7. I can't wait to see what you and DD come up with for your challenge. What fun!!!

    Love the pretty cushion too. Have fun sewing.

  8. LOL! and we're staying in today because it's too cold out! I love your idea of a Quilt-Off with DD. At a reatreat I attended a couple of years ago, two friends brought the same fabric and they made two beautiful quilts, that couldn't have been more different! Have fun.

  9. Lots of gorgeous things in this post. Thank you.

  10. your bag is going to be gorgeous. Great fabrics.
    Lovely fabrics for your Quilt off. Can't wait to see what they will become.
    Now is that native fabric for a hexie?
    So jealous of your cushion cover in those gorgeous blues! lucky you.

  11. The quilt off sounds like you are going to have some fun deciding on what to make..will be interesting to see what the two of you end up doing..hope you had a cool day sewing with the air con on

  12. Sounds like you have the perfect place to create out of that heat.
    Lovely orange and blues, like others I look forward to seeing this one come together.
    Nice SAL project fabric selection.
    Stay cool.

  13. Nasty weather! Good that you have the air con. Love the blues & oranges and a challenge is always fun. I spy that beautiful yellow background fabric with the Australian animals - I have some of that too - and a few others from the range. They are lovely. So many things to do - I really want to do some QAYG blocks too - just can't seem to get there.

  14. Oh my--I really need to trace off the embroidery panel for the front of the tote for the sal tomorrow!!!
    love how yours came out--I still am trying to decide on the color for mine????? love the other things you got in the mail and that you are working on--it's cold and icy here--
    but warm inside--
    hugs, di and miss gracie
    only got about 3 inches of snow!!!

  15. A quilt off! I'm looking forward to what the two of you come up with. I love the fabrics.

  16. Beautiful sunset in your header. 40 degrees is HOT! Love the new fabrics you bought.

  17. Your right it's been such a hot weekend, I spent Saturday indoors switching at the Patch and today i'mstitching at home. Love your little blue quilt and good luck with your Orange and Blue challenge, they are great fabrics.

  18. Those hot days are a wonderful excuse to create in climate controlled comfort. Ditto our excessively cold and stormy ones. Your quilt off colours are awesome, and the sewing notions fabric delish. Keep cool, and enjoy!

  19. I love the quilt off iwa with your daughter. That's going to be fun.


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