Friday, December 28, 2012

Keeping cool, more goodies and an Orphan…

For the past few days it has been extremely HOT sew it’s been lovely to go boobing with my friends..


It was very overcast this morning but still HOT and Humid.

Yesterday there was another squishy in the mail. It seems Australia post decided it had to be checked before delivery. Not sure what they thought would be in my parcel but I was very happy with it’s beautiful contents….



Gorgeous Tea towels and wash cloth. Thank you sew much Ellyn..

Over the past few days I have been finishing this little quilt


As the recipient no longer wants it, it has become an orphan…  Sad smile  I think I will set up an E-bay Account and try and sell some of my unwanted quilts and fabrics !!!!!! I seam to have quiet a few of both !!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria


  1. Send some of that heat our way. My bones need some.

    Lovely squishies, Maria. The crochet is beautiful.

    How about an Etsy shop to sell your things?

  2. gorgeous gifts Maria and well done on your baby quilt it is very cute.xx

  3. Lovely gifts Maria. Shame the quilt is unwanted. Hugs,xx.

  4. That quilt is amazing
    How someone couldn't want it is beyond me
    I know a little girl who would love it

    Selling fabric is a good idea - one blog I follow just did hers via her blog and emailed people her bank account details

  5. Lovely squishy - the post people were probably very excited to see all those delicious goodies inside - Glad they delivered!

    Cute quilt - I hope it finds a good home.

    Happy bobbing.

  6. beautiful goodies! the aqua and red always look so pretty together.
    great finish, sad that it is an orphan. I love the elephant block.
    Happy bobbing in the ocean, don't send the heat over here please....

  7. Your gifts in this post and the last one are lovely and your animal quilt is gorgeous!

  8. Man had the hottest night last night 30degC.
    Squids and I spent the morning at the beach it was beautiful.
    Shame the quilt is a orphan, but it will end up with some who will love it to bits, thats what your work deserves! Because you do beautiful work from your heart. Some people are blind to this.
    Love DD2

  9. Lovely gifts, I have sold some UO quilts tops on ebay that I fell out of love with but had no lucK selling the finished quilts. Try ETSY, its a site for vintage or hand made items and easy peasy to open a shop.

  10. My niece would love that quilt! Her favourite animal is a giraffe. She calls them "daff" as she's only 2! How much do you want for it?

  11. OOH! I love parcels like that xx WHO has lost their mind and doesnt want the quilt!! MADNESS x
    I will send you some of our constant rain... now how to get it in the post? lol x

  12. Bobbing around in the ocean sounds perfect!! Your latest gift is gorgeous - beautiful crochet. Your orphan quilt is just lovely,I'm sure whoever ends up with it will be extremely happy!

  13. The quilt is lovely Iam sure someone will love it
    Not so hot here thank goodness
    Take care

  14. An orphan quilt? Golly me, what a shame. I'm sure you will do well, if you choose to sell your excess stuff.
    the beach bobbing looks relaxing, and yes the weather has been ghastly, don't you just loathe the humidity?! We've had it today too.

  15. glad the goodies arrived safely! That little quilt is lovely. Etsy shops are easy to manage, but I'm guessing your cute quilt will get snatched right up by a blog reader!

  16. Enjoy your heat - we're at the opposite end of the spectrum here. I love that you mistakenly called it "boobing" with your friends. Or maybe that wasn't a mistake :)

  17. ok.. so what are your girls doing in that water???? "boobing"... hahaha... (I know exactly what you meant!!!)
    love the quilt and ebay is a good alternative... also I have heard a number of people having success with etsy as it is specifically hand made...

  18. I wanna go bobbing! But no... we're expecting more snow by morning. I hope your quilt finds a good home. It's to cute to remain an orphan for long.

  19. Shame about the orphan quilt, who wouldn't want it. Your work is brilliant and you are so clever with colour. I'm sure one of your blog readers will want it. My family all left today and I'm exhausted, will be at South beach tomorrow tho'.

  20. That is a gorgeous quilt. Have you considered donating it to a local children's charity - to either raffle off or to give to a seriously sick child. HeartKids (in South Australia) is always looking for quilts as they give one to every child who has surgery, I am sure it is the same everywhere.
    Otherwise, why not just create a blog post and sell your quilts etc that way, first in, first served.


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