Saturday, September 22, 2012

FNSI with Daisy……

As I am at DD2s looking after the kids I  spent FNSI with Daisy…
DD2 and her DH were to have gone in the afternoon but they arrived at the airport 4 minutes late to check in their bags. So they returned home to wait for the RED EYE…
Sew she was able to help me put together GD1’s dress……

We had a production line going.  One on the overlocker and the other on the machine……

The furry assistants were also hanging around….
After they left to catch the plane I did a little more of this before going to bed..

Hugz  Maria


  1. Great to have some help I am sure it would speed things up , lovely dress. The stitchery looks really cute , getting ready for Christmas :-)

  2. Lucky they had another option to fly! and lucky you to get extra help - looks like a great sewing room. You stitching design looks great.

  3. 4 minutes only!!! what a pain but nice that you had the extra time to sew together.... lovely little tree you are stitching...

  4. Bonus getting a helping hand.
    That is a pretty colour.
    I like your Christmas tree too.

  5. Great to have a helping hand. Love your stitchery. Hugs,

  6. Team work is always fun and I am glad that you got to enjoy some extra time!!!
    love the looks of that new stitchery--
    hugs,Di and miss gracie

  7. How nice to have some unplanned sewing time with your daughter. How annoying though that they missed their check in time. Your stitchery is looking lovely Maria.

  8. Oooppppssss! Oh well you got more sewing time!!! :)

  9. The dress is lovely....and how wonderful that the two of you worked on it together!

  10. wow maria you had a busy day,hope they caught the 2nd plane in time.xx

  11. Looks like you had a great FNSI! Great to have some help too. The furry assistants are very cute too!

  12. Hi Maria! What fun it is to read and look at all the pictures on your blog...The high tea looked like so much fun. I love all the cakes and the sewn ones too...
    I also love the cushion cover you made...So pretty! I hope your partner loved it as much as I do. As usual all your sewing puts me to shame but inspires me too!

  13. How nice that you had extra hands to help you work! Great FNSI result--really love your redwork! :)

  14. A mixed blessing for you them missing the plane.... nice that you had company for FNSI! Love the colour of the dress - it's going to be beautiful.

  15. Late FNSI visit... Maria it all looks very industrious there, even the cats are extending themselves, LOL....


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