Friday, July 6, 2012

Projects I did on Retreat and a Special Birthday

By Saturday evening I had put together my Jelly Roll top


built a few houses and pinned a quilt ready to Stipple.


Sunday I got my first border with flange on



Pieced another Kid’s Charity Top. ( very easy)


and managed to FMQ a third of my other Jelly Roll Quilt in the evening.


While travelling I also stitched some flowers.


Linda dropped me off at home Monday afternoon .



A big thank you to my lovely driver/room mate and all the ladies for a relaxing fun weekend.

After a good nights sleep DH and I were off Tuesday morning to Perth for my DD2’s Surprise 40th Dinner.


We did have a lot of laughs collecting her special cake with DD1

and DD2 was very surprised to see us all on her special birthday..

                                                 Happy Birthday Sandra.

Early in the morning it was back home again……… so you can see why I have done so many Kms …….

Hugz   Maria


  1. Happy Birthday to your dd! lovely projects. A question, how big (little?) are your houses? I always pictured them as pretty big, but now a lady at our LQS is doing ones that look the same & they are so so tiny!

  2. Happy birthday Sandra,love your cake.Boy Maria you have been busy with lots of wonderful projects,well done and love your retreat pics you can see how much fun everyone was having.xx

  3. Lovely lot of work you got done on retreat - the bright jelly roll quilt is my favourite.

    Gorgeous dog with his bones.

    That is a lot of creativity with all those miles thrown in.
    Enjoy staying home.

  4. You accomplished so much AND had all that fun?????? Amazing! The quilts are great and the flowers look fabulous.

    What a lovely surprise for your dayghter!! What kind of cake is that? I love the curly candles.

  5. Love the bd cake! And the dalmation house made me smile.
    Love Leanne

  6. Love your jellyroll quilt , and wow you sure accomplished a lot at the retreat , did you sleep at all ? Great cake for your daughter , Happy Birthday to Sandra and I am sure she was delighted you made the trip to share her special day.
    hugs Sheila

  7. Happy birthday to Sandra... so worth the trip and lovely projects there... jelly rolls rock! and I just love the little fat birds in the hexie flower


  8. were like 6 or 8 when you started having children? I always feel so inadequate when I see you much you get done. Beautiful results, as always!

  9. You achieved a lot Maria. I love your jelly roll quilt. Glad Sandra had lots of lovely surprises for her birthday. I've never seen those curly candles before. They look very interesting.

  10. Happy birthday Sandra, I love the Croquembouche (sp) with curly candles. Hope your cold is getting better, mine is slightly better today!

  11. Maria, what a productive time you've had! The Roll quilt is just gorgeous, fab colours. and you are still managing some hexy flowers, do I see ants? Being a dog lover, the green one is my fave...

  12. You have been a busy all those projects...happy birthday to your DD,

  13. You certainly packed a lot in in a few fun fun! Happy Birthday Sandra!

  14. You must be tired and I'm amazed how much sewing you managed to get done .

  15. I love that jelly roll top. You've really been busy.

  16. Wow, you got a lot done and all your projects look lovely. And that cake is amazing!!

  17. Thanks Mum for your surprise Birthday it was great.
    Love your jelly roll quilt, that board makes it.

    Thanks to all the lovely ladies for your kind wishes.

    Lub Sandra

  18. What a lovely few days Maria ... so many goodies sewn and happy birthday to your dear daughter.

  19. Happy birthday to you daughter! Lots of lovely eye candy in this post - cute flowers and houses as always but I LOVE that jelly roll quilt. Is there a pattern?

  20. what a productive retreat.
    I always look forward to your little houses and flowers they are so cute.
    What a great surprise for your daughters birthday.
    Now you can rest after all that travel!


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