Friday, March 19, 2010

Back Again!!

Home again after spending five lovely days in Perth with DD2 and my two youngest grandchildren.
On Saturday my DD2 some of her friends and I went to see the musical "Chicago". Afterwards we went out for dinner. Was lovely to spend time with all the young ladies.

Sunday the family went along to Grey Company. The group is doing a show this Sunday for All Fools day at the Esplanade so DD2 went along to practise. It is always fun to watch the group all dressed in their armour with shields swords and axes ready to do battle with the enemy.

Monday seemed to fly by with taking children to school some food shopping picking children up taking them to dance karate and then tea.

Tues we had a wonderful day going shopping for fabric having morning tea more fabric shopping home for lunch and DD2 organised our tea. After picking the children up from school we all went to Cottesloe to see the " Scultures on the Beach"
Some very interesting art indeed!
We had lots of fun looking at all the art work and children enjoyed running along the beach. As it was very windy we all hopped in the car and watched the people sailboarding and kite surfing while we ate our tea.


  1. Sounds like you ahd one great trip, always good to catch up with family..

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  3. Great blog Mum. We did have fun didn't we. Looking forward to the next time you visit. Love DD2

  4. It sound like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing this pictures it makes my happy to see these impressions...

  5. It looks and sounds like it was a great trip. I know how much you enjoyed it. The pictures were wonderful too.


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