Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Sewing Day

Today is sewing day at the The Patch and with the help of my friend Linda got my flip flop/thong quilt pinned.Then I settled down to do some quilting before my exercise class. On my return it was time for lunch and then more sewing.
When pulling the thread to the back of the machine silly me put my foot on the pedal and sewed my finger!!
Beatrice came to my aid with a tissue and bandaide. Then back to some sewing.
After tea I went into the sewing room and finished quilting and binding the quilt.Another UFO finished.
P.S. Thank you Teresa for my 12th block. Story on 
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  1. It would be interesting to learn what percentage of us have sewn through our finger. I did mine on an embroidery machine at 600 stitches per minute. I think there is a whole world of us walking around with scars on our index fingers.

  2. Ouch, Maria...I have done that many times..I hope it's not too sore now.
    Julia ♥

  3. So sorry for your Boo Boo.
    Hope it feels better soon.
    I have needle and rotary cutter scars.
    Love your quilt!
    I did flip flop tote bags a few years fun pattern!

  4. Ouch! I bet that hurt. The quilt looks great.

  5. The quilt looks so good, even those wonky red and white ones in the corner scrubbed up ok.

  6. The quilt looks great together Mum.
    NOTE: message to self, fingers are not ment to be sowen into quilts. Hope it is better soon.

  7. Hi Mum, started the house blog this will keep you up to date, when something happens!!!!

  8. owie! Love the flip flops! how fun!

  9. Ouch! Been there, done that!!!!

    I love the cute quilt. I saw one at our LQS last year and thought it was so darn cute.

  10. oh my, I have done that twice in my lifetime of sewing and it can really hurt. At least it was through the fleshy part and not your nail. Don't you just love flops! Your quilt is fun and very pretty.

  11. Ouch!!!! Oooh that mustahurt!!!
    Love your thong (he he ... flip flop) quilt!!! Hope your finger is feeling better now.
    Joy :o)

  12. OUCH!!! Can I honestly say I have not sewn through my finger wiht the sewing machine although I have been known to put a needle through my fingertip when hand sewing. Should use a thimble.

    The flip-flop/thongs look great!

  13. 0, Maria !
    I am SOOOO sorry about the needle and the finger! I HATE PAIN!I really try extra hard to not get hurt with 'sewing machinery" , but I keep it on the back of my mine. My sewing buddy who is a pro said a high percentage of people do the needle or the rotary cutter sometime in their lifetime.

    When I have gotten hurt I have always noticed that an accident happens when we least have time to think about it. Getting hurt is so easy - getting over it not so fast.
    Like the time I cut the very tip of the meaty part of your finger almost off. I had borrowed my cousin's knife and was cutting a piece of wiring and swish - it was almost gone hanging by about a half inch of flesh and skin. My best friend in all the world came around the corner and she sensed something was wrong- and she asked . So, I put my hands behind my back and grinned at her and say, "No- nothing is wrong". To which she replied - "well then -if nothing is wrong why is red blood streaming down your leg???" lol Yea , that scared me and she was freaking out -screaming about the emergency room - not on my agenda! I went in the house and picked up a bottle of kerosene and poked my finger down in it. Now, it is funny because the red blood changed from gushing out to pretty red swirls turning into twirls as it descended down to the bottom of the bottle . It was healing really neat a week later and then I hit it again and knocked it off and had to go through the procedure all over again. OOO - as I cleaned the knife up - the blade that I was using had "Flesh Only" marked on it.

  14. Oh I am so sorry for your finger! I hope you feel better soon! Hugs!
    Love your quilt!

    Happy sewing!

  15. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for your Siggy, he is very nice.
    Please will you send your emailadress to me than I send you
    the tulip-pattern.

    Warm regards from Annelies.


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